About Us


"Developing 21st century skills and sustainable behaviours towards food waste and climate change" is a European project that aims at fostering climate education as an essential element of the global response to climate change.

The project helps young learners understand and address the impact of global warming, increase climate literacy, and encourage change in their attitudes and behavior.

Based on food waste as a conceptual context and combining a variety of tools such as maker educationyouth participation and activism, the project will develop an innovative teaching and educational package for students aged 8-12.

FOOD RESCUE is an Erasmus+ KA2- Cooperation partnerships in school education that runs from February 2022 to July 2024.

Target groups

Teachers and school staff members and their students

Parents, community members, third sector organisations

Policy makers at a regional, national and EU level

Researchers and academics in the field of education


To develop an innovative curriculum for primary education students with the aim to increase their awareness about food waste and enable them to develop transversal and green related skills

To develop a training program for educators to enable them to apply the FOOD RESCUE curriculum while simultaneously further advancing their professional development in maker education and youth activism pedagogies

To promote a culture of social mindfulness and responsibility regarding food waste. The earlier students are educated about environmental issues, the more sustainable their behaviors will become

Project Results

A total of five Project Results will be developed throughout the project duration:

Educational material on Food Waste and Climate Change

which aims at providing all the necessary and appropriate materials to teachers and school staff for introducing and engaging their students and their families to the phenomenon of food waste and climate change

FOOD RESCUE Maker Education Teaching Materials

which aim at enabling students to move from “facts” to real action

FOOD RESCUE Youth Participation Toolkit

which aims at teaching them the values of social responsibility and social activism

Teachers Blended Training Program

which aims at supporting teachers in being trained in new, innovative, and socially beneficial pedagogical practices

FOOD RESCUE Assessment and validation toolkit

which aims at providing the evaluation methodology for assessing the effectiveness of FOOD RESCUE