Boroume (“We Can”) is a Greek non-profit organization founded on the premise of reducing food waste

and increasing food donations in the country through programs which today include:

  • saving & offering food at any stage of the food chain (“Saving & Offering Food”, “Boroume Gleaning”, “Boroume at the Farmers’ Market”)
  • raising awareness in order to increase the prevention of the creation of food waste (“Awareness Raising Program Every Meal Matter”, “Boroume at School”, “Boroume Ambassador”)
  • creating networks and food saving tools “Alliance for the Reduction of Food Waste”, “No Food Waste” Certification)
  • decreasing food insecurity (“We Are Family”)

From the beginning of our operation in 2012 we have saved & offered 58 million portions of food to 650 charities all over Greece. Due to our innovative direct food saving model, for every 1€ of operational cost Boroume saves & offers 65 portion of food. Boroume has been awarded the European Citizenship Award 2017 by the European Parliament and is an active member of the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste since its creation in 2016.

Our vision is to develop a social movement to reduce food waste and at the same time increase nutritional support to people in need based on volunteer support.