Topic 2 Age groups

Based on international research and practice the cognitive, emotional, physical and psychological capacities of youth, could be different based on the age group they belong to. Of course, every person has their own unique growth milestones. Thus, in the context of the FOOD RESCUE project, the developmental milestones are adapted into two diverse age groups.

Age 9-15 → Ability to understand different perspectives, and can form solid friendships and connections. It is expected to agree easily, a trait that leads to agreements and team spirit.

Age 12-18 →  After the age of 12, most of the young people are able to think critically, about themselves and the society. They tend to become more independent, and their individual opinions are diverse. That doesn’t mean though that they could not form alliances, and take decisions conjointly. It is common, the youth groups that they form at this age may thrive.

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