Topic 4 Applying the methodology in school

Key program objectives

During the FOOD RESCUE project students will follow the Design Thinking steps to inspire, define, ideate, prototype and act in order to experience, reflect upon and engage in food waste reduction.

Through this program we want students:

  • To realize how important it is not to be wasteful with food
  • To acquire new knowledge, skills, attitudes and values
  • To get to know concepts such as: volunteering, active citizen, offering, social conscience
  • To develop creative and critical thinking through experiential and other activities
  • To do activities that will encourage creative contact between school, family and community
  • To develop communication skills and spirit of cooperation through group activities

The role of the teacher

During the FOOD RESCUE project teachers, while using different means and materials (audiovisual materials, group activities, project-based activities), will introduce to students what the Climate Change Education is, and its relation to Food Waste management.

Having that knowledge, teachers inspire their students to create their own solutions towards the direction of tackling food waste.